Christofinia Hotel, strives to achieve “low environmental impact”. Fully aware of its environmental responsibilities Christofinia Hotel has embarked upon a policy of continuous improvement and full compliance with the regulations, in a spirit of openness towards its staff, customers, local authorities and administration bodies. Christofinia Hotel is proud of its achievements, which demonstrate a firm and steady commitment to excellence since it’s founding.

The Hotel’s environmental policy calls for:

  • We encourage a sense of environmental responsibility among all employees;
  • We integrate environmental aspects into our day-to-day operations and perceive environmental protection as an opportunity and not as a threat;
  • We assess the environmental impacts of all activities, products and processes in advance;
  • We comply with environmental legislation and take future legislative developments into consideration during our current activities;
  • We adopt continuous legal and technical documentation on environmental issues;
  • We implement measures necessary to prevent, eliminate, or reduce pollution, emissions and waste generation to the minimum and to conserve resources, taking clean technologies into account;
  • We implement measures to prevent accidental emissions of materials or energy;
  • We establish and apply monitoring procedures to check compliance with the environmental policy;
  • We co-operate with the public authorities to establish and update contingency procedures to minimize the environmental impact of any accidental discharges;
  • We provide information necessary to understand the company’s environmental impacts to the public and participate in open dialogue with the public;
  • Continual improvements in operations, emergency preparedness and management oversight to increase the effectiveness and reliability of the management system;
  • We identify relevant safety and environmental requirements that are consistently met;
  • Progress at meeting environmental goals, objectives and targets established through internal and external assessments and reviews;
  • We adopt and rigorously adhere to the highest standards in health, safety and security, and the protection of the environment;


It is the management’s responsibility to ensure that this policy is available and accessible to all its employees and published externally for the public.

The Hotel’s Environmental Management System is based on the ISO 14001 Standard and all employees are expected to adhere to Standard at all times.